Late night gym sesh
hiii tumblr

literally have to get off of twitter because people are so fucking ignorant

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This type of stuff is what our future children will read in their text books.. hopefully racism will be a thing of the past by then. The chapter in their textbooks will be called, “2014 police brutality at its finest”

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I’m sorry.. I’m gonna be a bitch for doing this but I deserve better.

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5:54 am

Running on 20 minutes of sleep and waiting to start an 8 hour shift in the parking lot. The only thing getting me through this morning is coffee and Lana Del Rey. Can I just take a nap?

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Aww! I remember walking to the Sahara tent at Coachella and turning to my right and seeing a guy propose to his girlfriend… such a beautiful thing to see music bringing people together. No one knew who these people were but we all just stood there and cheered our asses off for them. Music, is a beautiful thing.
Before I picked my poison last night and ended up in bed with a gnarly hang over 😭
We out here bruh
Summer times, comin to an end
The kardashian game is getting vicious now hahahahahaha
I’m getting more and more obsessed with hiking